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The Pool Archives by Corey

Hodgeville B from above. Photo shot from the top of Hodgeville's concrete terminal in Jul 2005. Photo taken by Facility Manager A. Krieser.

My Centennial Project

The Story of the Pool Archives

I've spent many years watching the decline of the prairie grain elevator. I have been told many times that some day there would be very few of them left. Perhaps I was thinking that there are so many of them that they would always be there. In 2002 I went for a drive through Lumsden, Disley, Bethune, and Chamberlain and that is when it hit home that there weren't many left and more were being torn down all the time. A couple months later I photographed approximately 15 remaining elevators on the Trans Canada Highway between Regina and the Manitoba boarder. I believe 3 of them were in the demolition process. It was at the point that I was hooked, I can no longer pass a town without photographing the remaining elevators. Over the past couple years more have disappeared but my equipment has gotten better and I now have over 1000 high-resolution photographs of my own taken throughout Saskatchewan.

The purpose of the Pool Archives is to showcase the past of the province. I have shown many people my work and was encouraged to share the photos with the public. In late 2004 I received some photographs that the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool still had on file, which included close to 400 photos of former Pool properties in approximately 100 towns. I knew that these were too significant to the history of Saskatchewan not to share them.

The Archives for the most part are complete, please take a minute to find a town that you know and take a trip down memory lane. The Corey's Photos section is not complete yet, but I have a page with several of my personal favourite photos. The future plans of the Pool Archives include the chance to purchase prints of my work and with a little luck I should have more archives to share with you in the future.

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The Pool Archives by Corey

Hodgeville's Concrete terminal April 2005. One of my first half decent night shots.

September 25, 2005 Ė Iíd like to welcome the listeners of Saskatoonís CJWW, and I would also like to thank the good people at CJWW for helping me get the word out about The Pool Archives. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the site, and forward the link to your friends.:)

Iíve picked up the pace to finish the first update to the Pool Archives since it was launched in late July. There are over 50 new photos in the archives and 11 new towns added. I have finally added some extra info on contributing to the site, as well as some info on our policy of contributing. The most important part of our policy is that the photos submitted remain the sole property of the submitter, you do not have to give up ownership of the images to submit them (Unlike the centennial photo contest the provincial government is having). I have added some contributed content including the last days of the Peebles Pool elevator, the last days of the Rosetown and Kindersley elevators, and some photos contributed by the manager of the Hodgeville Terminal.

Iíd like to thank Murray Wood from 980 CJME in Regina for also helping me get the word out. Murray had me on his show (The Murray Wood Show) in August, which generated close to 1000 hits for The Pool Archives. Thanks Murray.

The Pool Archives by Corey

A scene from Horizon Sept. 2005

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