Is There An Abandoned, Haunted Catholic Church In Saskatchewan?

This story is about an abandoned catholic church, that is supposedly haunted.

Ever been to an abandoned church? Chances are if you have ever travelled around the province on the gravel roads you will see how many rural churches dot the landscape, many of them abandoned. Due to the changing rural communities most of these churches are no longer used. Most have been been left for special occasions or abandoned all together, These churches are usually 50+ years old so they have some history. One would think they would have interesting stories right? Well this one does…

The story goes..

A nun at the catholic rural church was seeing a man from local family who was not catholic. After being together she found out she was pregnant. The couple tried to hide it but when the priest found out about the pregnancy from the non-wed couple he was angry. This was a huge sin and against everything the church stood for. The story goes that the priest took matters into his own hands and killed the nun after the baby was born. He also killed the baby shortly after. Since then the church has been cursed.

Alternative versions have been told where the priest was the father of the baby.

They say that the nun still remains at the church crying for her baby. Other’s claim the priest is still present at the church as well, as a dark spirit.

FACT OR FICTION? You decide. 

There are no records of this that I was able to find. This church has a few haunting stories attached to it, and most of them are similar to this one…. so maybe there is a bit of truth or its just a rumour being passed around for decades. This particular story is also a common folklore tale from other places around the world. So you decide.

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