Symmetry Farmhouse | Abandoned House in Saskatchewan With Video Tour

Ever heard the saying “good things come in small packages”? Well, with this abandoned house in Saskatchewan, that is true. After a day of driving the grids we pulled up to this small house. It wasn’t marked on the map as a potential because it looked tiny. Quite frankly, it is a small house but a unique one of that. It was on a road that doesn’t see much use, the yard was untouched and the house, did have broken windows, but was largely untouched. We decided to take a few minutes to check out the interior and were not disappointed. It looked like vandals had done some damage but then it sat, left to the elements. We walked in through the side door and the floor tiles in the kitchen cracked under our feet, signs no one had been here for a while. The upstairs contained a bed, unbroken lightbulb and a tub. The moldings and original woodwork were all still in place. It would have been a cute house back in the day. We wonder how many kids called this place home?

Video of our walk through this abandoned house