Abandoned Redcliff Brick Company | I-XL Brick in Alberta

This brick plant was built and running by 1913 and closed in 2004. Once a bustling brick plant it is now reduced to a very small portion of what it was. We were able to photograph what remains which is mostly kilns. The site was demolished in 2017.

After standing for over a century, on Friday the abandoned Redcliff Pressed Brick Co. / I-XL factory in Redcliff, Alberta was brought down. Having photographed much of the historic clay district in and around the Medicine Hat area, I know a lot of people share my interest in these unique structures, kilns, and abandoned spaces in general. I echo a lot of similar sentiments in that it is sad to see a familiar landmark like this go.

The site is set to become a historical park using bricks from the demolition in its construction. In recent years the kilns and smokestacks had become increasingly unstable and there were practical concerns that they would collapse. With nearby sites like Medalta Potteries and the protected I-XL Brick Factory in Medicine Hat, it’s understandable that there were a lot of challenges and costs involved in trying to preserve this crumbling factory as it was. Reinventing the site as a park seems like the next best thing. 

Article about the new park opening

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