Abandoned Birtle Residential School in Manitoba

The Birtle residential school was originally operated by the Presbyterian church of Canada which was later transferred to the Canadian government in 1969. The school operated from 1888-1970 with student numbers ranging from 19 to 170. The current building, a design that was used for many residential schools across the country, was built around 1930.

The school focused on farming and vocational skills. Male students were required to do farming and construction work while female students had domestic duties like cleaning, sewing and cooking.

The building was sold in 1972 and partially converted into a home. Over the years it has been bought and sold multiple times, some people not realizing they are buying a residential school. There was talk of it being renovated and the current owners did started cleaning it up but it is back to sitting vacant. It is one of three residential schools still standing in Manitoba. You can find more historical information on the MHS website.