Brandon Asylum Valleyview Building

Exploring the Abandoned Valleyview Building at the Former Brandon Asylum

Valleyview Building at the Brandon Asylum

Built between 1920-1924 this three storey receiving unit, now known as the Valleyview building was once part of the Brandon Asylum aka Brandon Mental Health Centre. It opened in 1925 and was used for new patients. It features a three blocks connected by corridors. The building was also home to laboratories, staff accomodations, kitchen, dining rooms, operating rooms, infimary and therapeutic rooms. The female patients were house in the east wing while the male patients were in the west wing.

Valleyview closed in 1992 and was never repurposed, it was mothballed and left. It still has power but the heat was turned off at some point and signs of decay have appeared. With no conversion the building has most original elements from the asylum days including caged stairwells for patients, isolation rooms, laboratory, accomodation rooms, operating rooms, kitchen and more.

Fun fact: The following movies used this building as a film location, “Wrong Turn 4” and “The Lazarus Project“.

The whole facility is huge and is also home to many other buildings on site including the “Parkland Building” (which we also explored). The property is currently owned by a culinary school that has already converted a couple of other buildings and has plans to restore and convert Valleyview and Parkland for use with the school.