Descent of the Holy Spirit (Chechow/Checkhiv) Ukrainian Catholic in Saskatchewan

This Ukrainian Catholic church is known as Descent of the Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, and Chekhiv or Chechow. It is still used for a few services a year and is well-loved by congregation members.

Holy Ghost church was built in 1906 and relocated in 1927 to a different spot on the same site. It cost $3000 to build the church with all volunteer labor. The wooden belfry which contains 3 bells was built in 1927. The metal cross on site was installed in 2002 and commemorates the Holy Missions. The church was listed on the Canadian Historic Registrar in 2010. There is only one service a year on “praznyk”, on the Feast of the Descent of the Holy Ghost (Pentecost).

The church was listed on the Canadian Historic registrar in 2010. Its heritage value lies in the Ukrainian establishment in the district. It has also remained unchanged, interior and exterior. The 100th anniversary was 2006. There are also architectural elements like the onion dome and style of building that are included with its heritage status.

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