Abandoned School in Crane Valley | Massive K-12 School

Crane Valley School is a massive school that was open from 1927 – 2007. The school offered grades K-12 and served the area surrounding Crane Valley. It’s not common to find a school this large in a very small community although its not impossible. This school closed in 2007.

it went up for sale and in 2008 it was purchased by “the wizards”. I know what your thinking, so lets back this up. Sometime in 2008 the “wizards” who moved from BC, relocated to Willow Bunch and bought two closed schools, one in Willow Bunch and one in Crane Valley. Their plan was live in the Willow Bunch school, renovate and reopen the schools as “wizarding schools”. Now, if you are from Saskatchewan, or even the prairies you can imagine how this went down with the locals. Hint, the schools never opened. The wizards, as far as I am told, still live in the school in Willow Bunch but they never opened a school, it’s just their home. Alicia tried to explore the Crane Valley school in 2008 with no luck, it was sealed up.

The Crane Valley school sat, with no care or attention. It was turned into a grow-op at some point, using the gym and upstairs classrooms. From what we have been told, the wizards never paid taxes on the school and the RM took it back. It sat again until 2019 when it was purchase by a local who was going to renovate the school to “revitalize” the dieing community of Crane Valley.

We explored the school in 2015 when the school had no flooding, desks still in place, books still stacked and murals still bright. It looked like a school and although it had mold and signs of decay, it was in great shape for a building that had been sitting for so many years.

Fast forward to 2023 – the school is still abandoned, the bottom classrooms flooded, the windows broken and the school is in disrepair. At this point, the future of the school does not look bright.