Darke Hall Has A Dark Past | Haunted Saskatchewan

Darke hall is a beautiful historic building in Regina, Saskatchewan that is rumored to have residents from the past.

Founded in 1911, Darke hall is located on the U of R Continueing Education Campus on College Avenue in Regina, formerly known as the Regina College.

Lets start with some history first. Darke hall is named after Frank Darke who was a Regina pioneer. He had various businesses and investments in the city which made him a very rich man. He donated money to the building of Darke hall and to the college. He passed away in 1940 and his funeral was held in the hall and later buried in the city’s only mausoleum.  

This location is home to at least three deaths.

So what haunts Darke Hall?

Well they say Darke himself is still around.

It could also be that this building was much more than a school. It had various changes during its life but for the most part it stayed a school of some sort. During the second world war it was an Air Training Center during WW2. The stories say that during this time there were many parties in the building. It is believed that a man was partying and fell to his death.

The old lecture theater was also converted into a temporary hospital to isolate students and teachers to contracted typhoid fever, which as the time had no antibiotics. It is believed that 68 students, 4 teachers and 6 staff contracted the fever. Eight students passed away.

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