Exploring the Abandoned Fortuna Air Base in North Dakota

Fortuna Air Force Station is a Air Force General Surveillance Radar station that was closed and is now abandoned. It was located west of Fortuna, North Dakota. It closed as a radar station in 1979 but remained open as a Long-Range Radar facility until 1984. Fortuna Air Force Station was part of the last batch of 23 radar stations constructed as part of the Air Defense Command permanent network. It was activated in April, and declared completely operational in late 1952. The site was demolished in 2017.

The buildings on the station included (most were gone when we visited):

  • Recreational Services (Gymnasium, tennis courts, bowling alley, horseshoe pits)
  • Motor Pool
  • Headquarters Building
  • Library
  • Dining Hall
  • Medical Aid Station
  • Base Housing 45 houses, 3 dormitories, NCO dorm, 6 Bachelor Officer Quarter units, 20 trailer court units & Officer’s Lounge)
  • NCO Open Mess Radar Tower
  • Radome
  • Power Plant
  • Dental Clinic
  • Base Exchange
  • Auto Hobby Shop
  • Base Theater

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