Hoarders Castle With A Turret | Abandoned Saskatchewan House

When we first spotted this house on the maps it looked big which is why we marked it as a must see. Set back on a rural property it felt like it someone may have lived there. Junk and vehicles were scattered throughout the yard. After sitting on the driveway for a few minutes it was obvious this house was not lived in – smashed windows, open door, the obvious signs it was abandoned. We were impressed by the house, its not often you find a house with a turret in Saskatchewan. Unfortunately the inside was not as nice, it was a hoarders house. There was junk piled high on all the floors – it was like playing the floor is lava to get across the house and it stunk. We did explore the entire house and it was hard to see such a beautiful home go to waste. The wood details, the amount of rooms and the structure itself were gorgeous.

Update 2021: It looks like this property is back in use. Not sure if the house is going to be restored or someone is just living on site.

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