Exploring the Abandoned Indian Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

The Indian Hospital was general hospital located in Fort Qu’Appelle. It was closed in 2004 and demolished in 2013 as a new facility was built.

This Hospital is definitely historic. Although historic very little is known about this hospital and very few pictures of it are around.

The Indian Hospital, also known as the Indian Services is a historic hospital, as it associated with aboriginal people’s health care. It was best known for its treatment of tuberculosis and was one of the first specialized facilities of its kind. It was originally built as a 50 bed tuberculosis treatment facility but then moved to a general public hospital for the Fort Qu’Appelle region. The hospital was operated until its closure in 2004. The building sat vacant until it was used for air soft players in 2013 until its demolition in 2014.

Inside this hospital is basically gutted. The walls are stripped down to the frames and the ceilings torn out. There was graffiti in areas of the hospital and others signs of vandalism. Some rooms however still have signage, tiles or some equipment. The heating plant and the tunnels were definitely the most interesting parts to document but the hospital as a whole was worth the trip.