Marysburg Assumption Church in SK

The assumption church is the fourth church of the St. Peters colony. The first church was built in 1902, second church 1906 and the third church was destroyed by a cyclon during construction. The only thing to survive was the bell and one statue which are still present at the church today. The church you see today was built in 1921, with the addition of the towers in 1922. Services started in may of 1921.

The church exterior is built of brick from Redcliffe, Alberta and the interior brick came from the Bruno Interlocking Tile. Co. which was covered by plaster. The church is a grand building, built more like a cathedral compared to rural church. It has beautiful arches, stained glass, pillars and a grand alter with two side alters. There are 25 stained glass windows in the window which provide beautiful natural light.

We visited this church and were only expecting to take exterior pictures. After walking around the building we were greet by a gentleman who cares for the church and he let us in. A very grand building for such a small community. We had time to do both photography and video. The church is still active with the surrounding community and if you would like to learn more they have their own website, you can visit here.