Abandoned Ormiston Mining and Smelting | Sodium Sulphate

Ormiston mining and smelting was a sodium sulphate mine located just outside the town of Ormiston, Saskatchewan.
Last known status: Demolished 2011

I remember this location like it was yesterday, this was the first location I explored with SaskUrbex. He took me to the middle of nowhere, to an abandoned mine without hardly knowing me. He trusted that I would respect the site and knew that it would really open my eyes to all the types of abandoned buildings around the province. (I also trusted that he wasn’t going to murder me or leave me there alone as we carpooled.) I was overwhelmed by the size and that something like this was just left – the people just didn’t come into work one day. At this point I had only photographed ghost towns and abandoned churches, I had no idea places like this existed. This soon lead to more mines, brick plants, an abandoned dam and more industrial abandonments around the province.

Not much is known about this location. This is what I do know, Ormiston Mining & Smelting was a company that mined Sodium Sulphate through solution mining from the lake beside it. It was located beside the small town of Ormiston,Saskatchewan. The mine included a dredge, processing plant, out buildings, lab, offices and residences for some staff and the forman.

We photographed the site in 2008 and returned in 2011 to see it demolished.

Sodium Sulphate is still actively mined in the province as it can be found in several lakes around Saskatchewan. There were two other abandoned mines and plants we explored around the province including Francana Minerals and a smaller plant.

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