Abandoned Pleasant Plains Stone Schoolhouse in Manitoba

We wander over to Manitoba from time to time and when we do, we make sure we see as many abandoned places as we can. On this trip we visit a small stone schoolhouse. Established in 1894 as Arsenault School it was renamed in 1907. The school closed in 1933, dissolved in1967and was later a Mennonite church from 1939 -1949. There is evidence that the building was later repurposed as a granary. Although mostly empty inside, buildings made of fieldstone are always neat to see as they took so much effort and time to build. We do a quick video walkthrough so you can see what is left inside.

To view more information on its history and to see historical photos, the Manitoba Historical Society did a great post on it: http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/sites/pleasantplainsschool.shtml

We made a video of our visit to this cool old schoolhouse! ↓↓