Ghost Town of Robsart, Saskatchewan

Robsart was incorporated as a village in 1912. It quickly grew with almost 30 businesses including a general store, feed mill, dentist, and jeweler. During the boom, new businesses were opening up all over the place including hotels, churches, barns, school, banks, and grain elevators. In 1917 the town opened its own public hospital which still stands today. At its boom, it had over 350 people.

The great depression hit Robsart in the 1920s and businesses began to decline. Falling grain prices, fire in the town that wiped out businesses,  and poor crops shut down most businesses. People started moving away to more prosperous areas. Attempts were made to revive the town like renovating the hall in the 1980s. Most homes and businesses are boarded up. The elevators were demolished in 2002.

Sadly the town dissolved in 2002. The population today is around 20 people. We have visited this time many times over the years and there are always a few residents in town so please be respectful when you visit.

Winter Visit in 2009

Summer Visit in 2022