SS.Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan

When we think of Ukrainian settlements in the province there are specific areas that have a stronger presense and lots of churches. This church however is not in one of those areas. It is in the southwest part of Saskatchewan, where there are not very many Ukrainian churches. Maybe that is what makes this church a unique visit.

The Ukrainian Catholic church of SS. Peter and Paul is the second church of the parish, built in 1964-1969. The first church was built in 1916 and was a small rectangular structure. In 1964 it was dismantled and construction of the new church began. It was completed in 1969. The church has two domes on the outside and the interior is home to wooden pews that can hold up to 100 people. It has electricity and is heated by central oil. The property in which the church sites on also has a mission cross, wooden belfry and cemetery. The land on which the church sites has no trees which makes it stand out on the landscape.

We visited this church in 2020 and it was very well kept. Everything was clearly taken care of and loved by the congregation that remains. It does not look like it holds regular services. On the same property there is also a one room schoolhouse. So if you are in the area, be sure to visit both!