Corpus Christi Memorial Chapel in Saskatchewan

I have had no luck finding any information on this church. All I know is this is a memorial chapel in memory of a much large Catholic church that would have been on this site. This cute little chapel has a few elements inside as well as graveyard behind it. The site is maintained. ​


New Stockholm Lutheran Church in Saskatchewan

Rural Saskatchewan is endless and you never know what you will find. We always go out seeking abandoned buildings, including churches, but of course we run into rural buildings that are historic and sometimes still in use. The best example of this is rural churches, some are preserved historic sites while others may actually hold

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Abandoned Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church in central Saskatchewan is another example of historic rural churches. Today, rural churches that are still active, are few and far between. Unfortunately, most have been abandoned, demolished, vandalized, burned or in a state where they are still cared for but only used once a

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