Abandoned Tolstoi Schoolhouse in Saskatchewan

Join us as we share our video walkthrough of the abandoned tolstoi schoolhouse which was later used as a community center for clubs in the area. Today it sits abandoned and is being taken back by nature. This particular schoolhouse may have had ties to the Doukhobor’s in Saskatchewan as there were many colonies nearby.

Abandoned Frosty One Room Schoolhouse in Saskatchewan

One room schoolhouses used to be everywhere on the prairies, especially in Saskatchewan! Unfortunately, most were closed and abandoned. Those that are not left to the elements were demolished or repurposed into homes, grain bins, community centers or used for storage. Today you can still find many still standing in Saskatchewan but there are many

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AbandonedĀ Pleasant Plains Stone Schoolhouse in Manitoba

We wander over to Manitoba from time to time and when we do, we make sure we see as many abandoned places as we can. On this trip we visit a small stone schoolhouse. Established in 1894 as Arsenault School it was renamed in 1907. The school closed in 1933, dissolved in1967and was later a Mennonite

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