Who Are We?

Oh, hello!

We are Alicia and Corey. An exploring duo based out of Saskatchewan. We met in 2008 and started exploring everything from ghost towns to hospitals, military sites to churches and everything in between.

Meet Alicia

Alicia aka vanished compass (formerly known as arilem) has been exploring since 2007 although her love of abandoned buildings stems from childhood. She started exploring ghost towns and rural churches until she met up with SaskUrbex in 2008. He introduced her to larger locations like mines and hospitals, she was hooked. She started with a blog to share her adventures which eventually turned into a website. She also shares on Instagram and Facebook.

  • She does photography, videography and  sometimes droning.
  • She hates hot drinks, so her roadtrip drink of choice is brisk ice tea.
  • Favourite locations to explore are hospitals (asylums + sanatoriums) and churches.
  • All time favourite locations include an undisclosed asylum, state orphanage and military base with a theater.
  • Special abilities include: tripping over objects on the ground, fitting through tiny spaces and being covered in whatever is at the location (dirt, dust, coal, salt, asbestos, etc.).

Meet Corey

Corey aka SaskUrbex started exploring in 2000. He explored all types of buildings before meeting Alicia. In fact, he had given up on meeting new people to explore with after some bad experiences and almost didn’t reply to her messages. He is glad he did as they have been exploring together since 2008. He has a website as well as a blog but these days is most active on Instagram.

  • He does photography, droning and the odd video.
  • He enjoys his coffee black.
  • ​Favourite locations include hospitals (asylums + sanatoriums) and cold war military remains.
  • All time favourite locations include an undisclosed asylum, Weyburn mental hospital and the north dakota pyramid.
  • Special abilities include: always knowing where we are in a location, having an escape route or backup plan ready and being the one to clear out the cobwebs for everyone else.