Ukrainian Churches in Rama, Saskatchewan

Rama is a small village in Saskatchewan founded in 1919. This town has a strong religous background with 2 Ukrainian churches and a large Catholic church complete with a grotto. This article’s focus is on the Ukrainian churches.

St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church

St. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic church in Rama is the second church of the parish. The first church was built in 1928 in the town of Rama, Saskatchewan. The church was converted into the parish hall in 1936 when the second church was built nearby. Both churches were built and funded by private donations and volunteer labor. The second church is north-south oriented and was built with a large central dome. It has a small porch with a separate roof. The church was built to hold 120 people, has electricity and central heating. The site is also home to a mission cross from 1962, a wooden belfry from 1950, a rectory and the hall.

The church is still active and is under the pastoral district of Rama which is home to a few other satellite parishes.

St. Michaels Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Michael’s Parish, also known as St. Michael’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church or Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of St. Michael is a Municipal Heritage Property in the town of Rama. It is a one storey wood church with a large single dome built in 1936. The parish was established in 1927 and services were held in homes before the church was built. The church has always been in use and is still used today as a pillar of the community.

This church has heritage status was given due to its architecture which was inspired by Byzantine Revival architecture and for being a religious building.

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