Exploring The Moose Jaw Wild Animal Park | Abandoned Zoo

The former Moose Jaw wild animal park, also known as the Moose Jaw zoo is not much these days. There are some foundations where old cages used to be, empty parking lots, vandalized and broken bathrooms, and a couple of outbuildings. The park is open to the public and is known these days as an off-leash dog park but also a place for a local car club.

Want an easy location to explore? This is your place. It’s a beautiful park in the valley with a river running through it, gorgeous trees, and paved pathways from the old zoo. We have both been to this park more times than we can count as we both lived in Moose Jaw at one point. Corey even remembers visiting the park when it was open. The place closed and items were auctioned off in 1993. While it was open it featured mainly local animals from Saskatchewan.

We are sharing photos from three different trips over the years. The first set is from 2005 when Corey explored the place. At that time many buildings remained and it was much easier to see evidence of the old zoo. The middle batch is from 2008 when the bigger buildings were demolished and the most recent is from 2022.

Watch a neat video from the 1990’s when it was open

Photos below are from 2005, 2008 and 2022

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