Abandoned Stone House Ruin With 3 Walls Standing in Saskatchewan

When it comes to abandoned buildings, ones made of fieldstone take the cake. It’s fascinating to think that 100 years ago people picked fieldstones from the area and stone masons turned them into these glorious homes. Fieldstone homes are only found in certain areas of the province, usually those with a stone mason nearby. They tend to be congregated together and most are usually bigger than your average prairie farmhouse. Today, many of these buildings are gone but some still remain, usually in ruins. This is one such example. When we visited in 2021 there was only three walls remaining and it looked like it was barely holding on so we decided to document it with photos, drone and a walk around from ground level. We drove by in 2022 to find it collapsed. This is why we love this hobby,documenting these places before they disppear.

Why are so many stone house collapsed, demolished or abandoned? It takes alot of work to maintain a stone house. It requires a stone mason to patch stones correctly and yearly maintenance is required to keep them from falling over. Once one of the walls starts to go its only a matter of time before the rest goes. Its expensive to keep up with this and well, there aren’t many stone masons around do the work.

We fly high and walk around these ruins – check out the video!