Abandoned CFB Rivers Military Base

CFB Rivers, also known as RCAF River was a Royal Canadian Air Force Base near Rivers, Manitoba. It opened in 1940 when an air navigation school relocated to the site from Ontario. The school closed in 1945 but the base remaining open and became a training centre for the Canadian army and flying instructors for the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force. The station closed in 1972 and was sold.

The new owner opened the Oo-za-we-kwun Centre which was open from 1972 – 1980. In 1982 the base was used for General Military Training and future Air Reserve training. A hog farm also operated on the site until 2011 – the farm converted multiple barracks into hog pens which you can still see today. The site has since sat vacant with many buildings falling into disrepair. It is privately owned, posted and used by a family for farming.

What remains at the old CFB Rivers site? The site still includes barracks, hangar, several housing units, power plant and a few other buildings.

Fun fact, the sit was used for some scenes in a film called For the Moment in 1993 which started Russell Crowe.