Abandoned Clyde Church and Schoolhouse in SK

All that is left of this ghost town community in Saskatchewan an old one room schoolhouse and an abandoned church. They share the same plot of land, which was fairly common in Saskatchewan.

The school was opened in 1925 and held both school and church. It was closed in 1955 and was purchased by the church congregation. It was later turned into a community center and used by the local 4H club.

I was unable to find out when the Presbyterian church was built, likely the same year as the school. It was used until 1968 at which point it was cleared out. The congregation moved to the nearby town and the organ was donated to the museum.. Today both buildings sit abandoned. We visited them on a frosty winters day. We have been unable to find any history on either building.

Join us as we do a video walk through the abandoned school and church to see what is left inside.