Abandoned St. Michaels (Sich) Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan

St. Michaels Ukrainian Catholic church, also known as Sich church of St. Michael is located near Krydor, Saskatchewan. This beautiful abandoned ukrainian church was dissolved from the church in 2016 and demolished in 2018.

The first time I saw a photo of this church I knew I had to see it. Seeing an abandoned Ukrainian church, overgrown and with a big dome in Saskatchewan made me rush to see. After all, you never know how long they will stand. I knew the approximate location so I hit the backroads. It took me 3 different trips to find this church … which was common for other people as well. This church was well hidden just over a small hill on a backroad surrounded by trees. You could barely see the dome peaking out from the top of the trees. You can drive right by it and not see the church. Once I found it, I was able to visit multiple times before it was demolished..

This church was built between 1934-1937. It had one central large done, choir loft, main altar and a cemetery nearby,  I was able to find out that the church did not have pews. Instead if had choir stalls which were reserved for the cantors, choirs and other church attendant. It was light only by candles and headed by a wood burning heater. After 1967 the members started to dwindle and not long after the church was cleared out and remained onside, empty to the elements.

​Sadly it was demolished in 2018.

To learn more about the history of this church you can visit: