Wood Details Farmhouse | Abandoned House in Saskatchewan

We have seen this abandoned Saskatchewan house every season and no matter the time, it always looks beautiful. There is something beautiful and a bit simplistic about two-storey wooden homes on the prairies. They always make us think about what life would have been like during that time. We cannot imagine building a house this large during the scorching hot summers or bitterly cold winters. This house looks like many others around the province so we had never taken the time to peek inside, photographing the outside was enough. 

There is something about abandoned houses in Saskatchewan that peek one’s curiosity and make you want to look inside. After many years we decided to take a quick peek inside and were not disappointed! The beautiful wood details on the ceiling, original would molding, layers of wallpaper, and indoor “plumbing” were all beyond what we expected. These days we usually see houses that are gutted and just a shell of their former lives, but this one was a nice surprise.

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Video tour of this old abandoned house