Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary | Meath Park, SK

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Meath Park was built between 1958-1959. It is the second church of the parish. The first church of the parish still stands today as a reminder of the pioneers. We did an article on it as well, check out the Janow Corners church.

This large church stands higher than others on a concrete basement and has three towers with domes. The central cupola contains the bell which was donated to the parish by CPR. The base of the other two towers lead into the basement which was used at the hall and contains a kitchen and space for tables.

The church contained wooden pews to seat 150 people. The floor had linoleum, carpet for the aisle and sanctuary and had electricty and central oil heating. Construction of the church was $20,000 and was covered by donations and volunteer labor.

When we visited this church in 2013, it was in rough shape. The church was sliding off the foundation with clear structural issues. The whole church was leaning, it was opened but fenced. It was an obvious safety concern for the community so in 2018 it was demolished.

News article on the demolition:

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