Hoarders Castle With A Turret | Abandoned Saskatchewan House

Is finding an abandoned house with a turret in Saskatchewan on your bucket list? It was on mine.

​I grew up dreaming of living in a house with a turret and so far it hasn’t happened. I had this place marked on my map as “large home looks interesting” not sure what to expect. Driving down the lane and coming around the corner it was shocking to see a house this large, with a turret in rural Saskatchewan. At first, it wasn’t clear of its status but upon closer inspection (ie// open doors) it was abandoned. The outside was littered with mountains of junk and so was the inside. To put it nicely, the inside was definitely a hoarding situation or a house turned garbage dump. The structure itself likely could have been saved before the roof started to leak but it’s in rough shape. A beautiful house, sad to see it in this condition.

Update 2021 – this property has someone living on it, not sure if in a camper or the house?