Exploring the Montana Children’s Center | State Orphanage

The first time we explored Montana together we drove by this place, we knew there was a state orphanage in Twin Bridges, Montana but we did not know its status. To our surprise it looked mostly abandoned, it was for sale and someone lived on site. We quickly drove in to peek at the beautiful building with a turret and a few others behind the gates and we left – didn’t even leave the vehicle.

Fast forward to a few years later and we made the plan to return to Montana for more exploring. This time we knew we wanted to see the site. I found the main contact and got permission from the current owner to see the buildings. Thank goodness for the internet because planning to see a place like this in another country takes some organizing! She told us what we were able to visit and which places to stay out of. It’s always nice to have a free explore.

This place is rich in history and the fact that the buildings remain is even better. The current owner is restoring and replacing roofs on the buildings while she attempts to sell the property. Most buildings are still in very good shape and nothing has been converted from it’s original purpose. So enjoy our exploration!

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