New Stockholm Lutheran Church in SK

Rural Saskatchewan is endless and you never know what you will find. We always go out seeking abandoned buildings, including churches, but of course we run into rural buildings that are historic and sometimes still in use. The best example of this is rural churches, some are preserved historic sites while others may actually hold services.

The New Stockholm Lutheran Church, also known as the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran New Stockholm Church, in Saskatchewan is a gorgeous church unlike any other Lutheran church. The area was settled by Swedish immigrants in the 1880’s who formed a congregation to build this church. The church was built in 1919 (cemetery established in 1892) this gorgeous brick gothic revival church is a heritage property as of 1988. The heritage value lies in the history of the area, which was settled by Swedish immigrants in 1889. They built a small church and established the cemetery but quickly outgrow the church and built this new larger one right across the road from the original. The church has hosted services for over 100 years and still active today.It has been a Canadian Historic Site since 1988 due to its unique architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. The church has been holding services for over 100 years and is still active today. We have visited this church many times and finally decided to do a video walk through. Join us as we visit this beautiful church and talk about its history.

The church has gorgeous stained glass windows, gothic revival architecture, gorgeous wood elements and it includes a beautiful bell tower. If you are in the area, be sure to check it out!

Nothing makes it a place feel more real then a video tour. In 2021 we walked through the New Stockholm Lutheran church for a video tour. We also did some research and did a voiceover with some history of this historic site.