Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic church in Orolow

From what we can tell, Orolow Saskatchewan was never an actually community but rather an area of the Rural Municipality. The name Orolow (previously Orliv) is of Ukrainian origin. The area was home to two churches, a few miles apart. There was the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Polish church and the Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic church. We did a blog article on the Roman Catholic Polish parish so our focus in this article is the Ukrainian church.

Let us start by saying that this church is well cared for. We have visited it many times of the years and someone is usually nearby and the church is in great shape. It’s locked up but well kept and I believe they do have the odd service. This church was the first of the parish built in 1910 on donated land. It was renovated in 1948. The church is built of wood in the shape of a cross, has a low basement and small single dome on the top. The church has electricity and central oil heating. On the same property there are 2 mission crosses, a bell installed in a post frame, the parish hall built in 1953 and a cemetery.

The church underwent a few updates in the 1980’s/90’s including new siding, new bell tower stand, sidewalk upgrades, interior of the church was repainted, hall was repainted, and the washrooms were updated.

The church is still active and falls under the Deaner of Saskatoon under the pastoral charge of the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of St. George.

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