Exploring the Abandoned Providence hospital in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul operated Providence Hospital, St. Anthony’s Home, and Providence Place for Holistic Health in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan from 1912 to 2005.

Providence hospital was built in 1917 to serve as a general hospital. That same year the Sisters of Providence founded the Providence Hospital School of Nursing which was a big part of the hospital until the 1970’s. The hospital grew and expanded over the years adding new wings in 1928 and 1962 along with a nurses residence in 1946. In 1952 a school of medical technology was also added. To continue with the grow they also opened an extended care unit that opened in 1974. Providence hospital was closed in 1995 when they moved the patients to the new Providence place for Holistic Health. The hospital was abandoned, sold to a developer and left to the point of no repair and was demolished by the City of Moose Jaw in 2006.

Exploration and photos by Corey (SaskUrbex) in 2005

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