St. George Romanian Orthodox Church | Dysart, SK

St. George Romanian Orthodox Church was located in Dysart, Saskatchewan. Although it had historic status, it sadly could not be protected from the wrecking ball in 2016.

St. George Romanian Orthodox church was located in Dysart, Saskatchewan. When I drove through Dysart in  2009 I photographed the outside and as per my routine, tried the door. To my surprise it was open. Usually churches in towns are not open. I ventured in and was shocked at how the church was fully intact and absolutely gorgeous. I documented everything I could and went on my way. I never thought the day would come that this church would be demolished – in fact, when I visited, I assumed it was used every Sunday. Sadly, due to dwindling population the church was cleared out (items moved to Fort Qu’Appelle) and the church was demolished in November of 2016.

It was the second oldest Romanion Orthodox church in Saskatchewan. The building was a wooden structure built around 1906. The parish was large and included many nearby towns. It has undergone many renovations and was designated as a heritage site. It celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006.

Photographs taken in  2009

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  1. Gordie Gherasim

    I served in this parish as an altar boy, then as a cantor.
    There were structural issues that were too expensive for our small group to fix.

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