Exploring the Abandoned Windsor Hotel in Kincaid, Saskatchewan

Everyone loves a good multi-storey small town hotel right? Most small-town hotels are either gone or they are using the main floor for the bar and maybe renting out a few rooms. The upper floors of rooms are usually boarded up and the chances of seeing them is not very high. We have photographed multiple motels but never a hotel. This was exciting!

While on a southwest Saskatchewan exploring roadtrip with an explorer from another province we drove through Kincaid, Saskatchewan, to check up on the hotel. It had always been secure on past visits but if you don’t continue to try, you may never have your chance. Persistance is key with this hobby. Just our luck, the back door was open. Without hesitation we knew we had to document the building. We spent about an hour photographing the entire hotel including upstairs rooms, main floor restaurant and basement, which was used for storage. We locked the door on the way out.

The hotel must have been the heart of the town back in it’s day. It was a gorgeous building and I am thankful that we had the chance to document it before it came down. We did revisit the hotel a few times after and it was always secured (as it should be). It was demolished in 2019.

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