Documenting the past through photography, video and drone footage.

A collaboration between
Alicia (@vanishedcompass) + Corey (@saskurbex)

Based in Saskatchewan, Canada

Welcome to our site!
This is a brand new site, so here is some information before looking around.

  • This site is a combination of work from alicia @vanishedcompass and corey @saskurbex
  • This is our hobby, no money is made from it and we fund everything 100% on our own
  • When we say we have explored all over Saskatchewan, we aren’t kidding (test us!)
  • We are both born and raised in Saskatchewan, this is our home and we know it well
  • We do research through written and verbal accounts, if you have something to add reach out!
  • We also explore the western Canadian provinces and northern United States
  • We have been exploring together since 2008 but we both started exploring much earlier
  • Some locations may be in multiple categories, because one size doesn’t fit all
  • If we do not share a location, it’s intentional as we try to protect at risk locations from vandalism.
    Dont ask for locations.

Exploring the prairie backroads

Documenting history through rural and urban exploration is our passion.

Based in Saskatchewan, we have been exploring for decades. We have visited hundreds of places including abandoned locations, historic sites, and we are still traveling. We have created this blog to share with you our adventures and experience. We want to share our different perspectives through photography, video and drone footage. We are more than just photographers, we also research and document history through oral and written text/photos. Join us as we document ghost towns, abandoned houses, forgotten hospitals, secluded schools, rural churches, grain elevators, historic sites and more.

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